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February 2018

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February Newsletter

Hello Knox Families!

What a great end to Semester 1. Our 41st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. march at Knox was a great experience for all. We got to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s message of unity with our Knox Community, as well as our friends from Chavez Elem., Valencia Park Elem., Morse High School, Lincoln High School and Millennial Tech Middle.

Welcome to Semester 2!

Our Knox students have been working hard in their classes during Semester 1. In order to more effectively balance classes and to provide students with additional literacy support, some 6th grade students will have a schedule change.

8th grade students need to earn passing grades in all of their classes for participation in our Knox Promotion Ceremony. More info to come in the mail to 8th grade parents.

Last week Knox participated in The Great Kindness Challenge, by kicking off our school-wide Advisory read aloud of the book Wonder. Please ask your student about the book. You might even go see the movie together! It has a great message of kindness. We will continue our Advisory read-aloud program, in order to promote our school-wide literacy focus.

Our library is open! We encourage all students to read for 20 minutes a night independently. Students can check out books during Advisory or lunch time.

All Knox students have nightly math homework. Homework is assigned from a math packet that is given to the students at the start of each chapter.

All of our students also participated in a second On Demand writing prompt. Students have 1 class period to respond in an essay to a non-fiction reading. We are hoping to build student's stamina in writing, and also to measure student progress with this assessment.

Additional assessments this month include ELPAC and NAEP.

Please remind your student to stay on the sidewalk when walking home from school. This is very important for student safety. Also, all students that ride bikes, skateboards, and scooters must have a helmet.


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How To Access Grades and Attendance in Parent Portal

To get a copy of your password, please call 619-344-5500 or email

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Attendance Matters

On time daily attendance is an extremely important factor in promoting student success. School starts at 8:15 every morning. We highly encourage all students to make up missed days (for any reason) on a Saturday. When students are absent, they miss 6 different class lessons. Saturday School can help provide students the time to make up missing assignments.

We will continue to provide incentives to students that clear all of their missed days, showing responsible attendance!

Knox is open from 8-12 on Saturdays and some Sundays.

If your student has missed any days of school, please consider sending them to Saturday School next weekend.

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TKF Partnership

We are excited to partner with the TFK Foundation for an upcoming Restorative program for our 7th grade students. For the next 10 weeks (on Tuesdays), our 7th grade students will be working with the TKF program in their science class. The 10 lessons will support the following learning:

Week 1

Restorative Peacemaking

Tuesday, February 6th

Week 2

Harm and Violence

Tuesday, February 13h

Week 3

Actions and Needs

Tuesday, February 20h

Week 4

Critical Thinking

Tuesday, February 27th

Week 5


Tuesday, March 6th

Week 6

Making Amends

Tuesday, March 13th

Week 7

Personal Strengths

Tuesday, March 20th

Week 8

Compassion and Cooperation

Tuesday, April 3rd

Week 9


Tuesday, April 10th

Week 10

Civic Engagement

Tuesday, April 17th

Knox Science Update

Knox science students visited the Midway where they got to participate in some hands-on STEM activities.
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English Language Arts Update

Our grade-level teams are focused on supporting student writing across the curriculum. We are streamlining the way in which we teach writing with our students. Our writing process focuses on Claim, Evidence and Reasoning. Students are writing in all classes at Knox.

Our students will be beginning the next novel in their curriculum.

Upcoming Units:

6th Grade-Bud, Not Buddy, by Christopher Paul Curtis

7th Grade-Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw

8th Grade-To Kill a Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

Knox ELA teachers use the Engage NY Common Core Curriculum in their classes.

Parents can learn more about this curriculum here:

6th grade ELA-

7th Grade ELA-

8th Grade ELA-

Students may read articles at home or an independent reading book from the Knox library.

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Students have math homework every night!


Buzzmath is an math program that allows students to practice math concepts online. Students were given access codes from their math teacher.If your student can't access their code, please email their teacher.

January Circle-Coffee with the SDUSD Cops Event

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SDUSD PIY Program Comes to Knox

The SDUSD PIY program will be coming to our 6th grade History classes. Officer Gonzales of Lincoln High School will be supporting this program for our students.


February Lincoln Cluster Meeting

Monday, Feb. 12th, 5pm

City College-flyer below with details

Register for the bus here:

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Knox Food Pantry

Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 9:30am

Knox lunch court

Knox Parent Circle and Food Pantry-Lincoln Principal to join our circle!

Wednesday, Feb. 28th, 8:45am

Room 15 @ Knox

Join us for a Knox Parent Circle-

8:45-9:30 Knox Parent Room 15

9:45-10:45- Knox Food Pantry

Please bring your empty grocery bags.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Key Contacts At Knox:

Principal-Heather Potter-

Vice Principal- Alex Villalobos-

Head Counselor-M-Z- Lori Watkins-

Counselor- A-L- Sherri Penaloza-

Restorative Practices Coordinator-Jeff Ponsford-

Registration-Leticia Alva Sanchez-

Site Tech- Power School Parent Portal- Kristen Ojetti-

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