RoCk An RoLl

By Nicole Seymour an Taylor Gugliotta


Rock And roll was founded by Ahmet Ertegün

It was invented in the late 1940s and early 1950's

What Rock n Roll did for us

"... Believers in Socialism or Conservatism or Buddhism have no more coherent, sophisticated, or relevant conceptual system of how humans should interact, should respond to common problems and needs, and should understand their place in the universe..." So, basically the world wouldn't be so uptight and our opinions would matter if people didn't begin to rebel to change the ways, just think how the world would be now if we didn't feel so strong about opinion and expressing it through songs in which rock n roll expressed the most.

Make it Stop (Septembers Children)

This is a song that proves a point, pay attention to the lyrics!!

Why Rock n Roll was created

Rock n Roll was created after World War II which created commotion because back then parents wanted "perfect" kids. At the time the kids or teens began to think that a parents idea of how they want their kids. Some tried to call attention to it just by havering a talk with their parent, but obviously back then they were thinking "they're just kids they don't really know what they want." So what did they do? Trick question, it's obvious they began to rebel against law and their own parents rules. And not only was it expressed in the obvious manner, by miss behaving, but by expressing it through what was then called rock n roll and now call rock, metal, Indy, alternative and so forth.

Our opinion

Obviously we believe that rock n roll is a good thing, without it a lot of people wouldn't know how to get their feelings across (politically to be specific). Ya, their is poetry, but not a lot of people like poetry. And back then people only sang about love... How lame sounds just like Taylor Swift. And yes their are other way to get a point across, but think about it, they are pretty violent like rioting and yes, public speaking which leads to rioting.