The Egg Drop

Sun side up or scrambled? -Emily Boone

The egg- stravagant introduction.

With the egg drop we used the engineering process, to build and design our pretty parachute so that the ground wouldn't puncture our perfect egg. It sounds easy, simply make something to hold our egg and yet something to slow it down so it wouldn't crash to the ground. We had a problem on our hands, so what did we do?

The answer to all our problems

We tried and tried but the egg kept crashing into the ground. We tried to make a better parachute, that helped a little. We still hadn't used our card board. We solved the problem by keeping the egg from ever touching the ground, yes we made a launch pad, after that it was smooth sailing for our egg. We chose to do that because after we tested it there were only minor design issues and it worked out terrifically. The way we tested this glorified egg carton, was simply going on top of a table or a stair case and drop the egg if it crashed we knew we had something to fix.

Little tweaks.

We basically changed our whole design, first we had the zip-lock bad as the parachute and kite string as the connector between the egg and the parachute. Then as you know we put a landing pad on the bottom. But before we did that we switched the zip-lock out with paper to make a more hefty parachute and straws instead of string for more support.

In the end

Our final design was great as we thought, but we weren't sure if Sunny Side Up (That's what we named her.) was gonna glide to the bottom, or if instead of Sunny, scrambled. We were waiting patiently, as we passionately saluted our egg. As it came down gliding threw the air it landed with a slight thump. We were glad to open our case up and find that Sunny was defiantly alive with absolutely and no scars to show what she had been threw. Now Sunny is leaving peacefully at my partner's (Maddie Fullerton.) home safe and sound. Although we did get her to the ground safely, we do wish that the strings were fastened better so the parachute wouldn't tip so much. That very well could have ended her life. But she is safe no, that's all that matters. So that's the story of Sunny Side Up, the egg who survived the 2013 attack on the eggs.