Singin' In The Rain

Matthew Speyrer, Ty Kempken, Kenny Gray

Zac Efron As Don Lockwood

Zac Efron is a 27 year old man, who usually plays young adults. He also played in High School Musical. In High School Musical, he displayed how much of a triple threat he is. he was dancing on tabletops at lunch, and getting his basketball team to sing and dance.

Triple Threat Score

Dancing - 9

Singing - 7

Acting - 8

Total = 24

Zac Efron - Get'cha Head In The Game

Kevin Hart as Cosmo

Kevin Hart is a 35 year old man with acting talent and a flare for comedy. He usually plays awkward, comedic middle aged characters as showcased in "Ride Along" and "Think Like A Man."

Triple Threat Score





Kevin and Josh's Introduction Dance - Dancing with the Stars

Heather Morris as Kathy Selden

Heather Morris is a 28 year old female actress, dancer, singer, and model. She is known for her role as Brittany Pierce in the TV show Glee. She's also know for her roles in Spring Breakers, and Ice Age: Continental Drift

Triple Threat Score

Acting - 7

Singing - 9

Dancing - 8

Total = 24

GLEE - Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD