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October 30, 2020

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Dear Hill-Roberts Families,

It was a spooky but productive week here at Hill-Roberts. We saw some incredible school spirit all week and over 300 Parent-Teacher conferences took place on Wednesday and Thursday. The school-family partnership is essential in ensuring our students have the best possible chance of making significant academic gains. From all of the staff here at HRES, we want to thank you all for how much support you've provided us and your children.

As a reminder, Tuesday (Election Day) is a Professional Development Day for staff and a non-school day for students. All students have the day off. This means Cohort B students will NOT attend school that day there will NOT be morning or afternoon meetings with teachers. School will resume Wednesday morning with regularly scheduled Google Meets at 9:00 AM.

Lastly, a great suggestion that was made in the Howler Survey a few weeks ago was to add the weekly CREST award winners to each week's Howler. Below, you will see the list of this week's winners and we will have their photos included in next week's newsletter.


Mr. Rich, Principal

Evelyn Silva Art Gallery

For those of you who are new to Hill-Roberts, we are blessed to house the Evelyn Silva Memorial Art Gallery. Thanks to the organizing efforts of Marian Wrightington, we display the artwork of three to four local artists over the course of the year. Some of the artists whose work we've displayed have even come to the school and worked with our students in their art classes. It's a great way to expose our students to professional artwork and also show that "real" artists are real people and being an artist may be something they can aspire to be. Our first artist of the year is the late Rigmore Clark. Below is a short biography and photos of the artwork that is hanging in our gallery.
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Important Message Regarding Google Hangouts

Hello Hill-Roberts families,

It has recently come to my attention that some students have started using the Gmail Chat/Google Hangouts feature to instant message other students. I want to make parents aware that there is a chat/instant message feature and that if they are using their school account ( their conversations should be staying school appropriate. There are settings that you can access to either sign your child out of Hangouts, or change the notification settings so it does not distract your student when they are accessing their gmail. Click on their name under “Chat” at the bottom left corner once in gmail to change settings.

In past years, students would’ve reviewed online safety, cyberbullying, and making good choices online. I’ve attached some videos below that you can watch and discuss with your students. There are quite a few so maybe make it a point to watch one a week, or every few days. It is so important, especially during this time of heavy technology use, to be aware of what your students are doing online, and checking in that they are using it appropriately. It can be very difficult for elementary aged students to understand the repercussions of their actions online, so having open conversations with your children about these topics is necessary!

Kindergarten-Grade 2

Brain Pop Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Kids

5 Internet Safety Tips

Cyber 5

Grades 3-4

Digital Citizenship


Internet Safety

Brain Pop Online Safety

Please check for more internet safety information for families. Click on the “Parents Need to Know” tab at the top to get information specific to your child's age. You can also check recommended age levels for video games, apps, websites, books and movies.

Thank you so much for all of your support!

Sarah Desautel

Instructional Technology Coach

Hill-Roberts Elementary School

Fall Fun at HRES

Fall Fun 2020

This Week in Music

Hill-Roberts families,

The music article this week will include some activities from last week, and some from this week, since we have just switched up our Specials classes this past Monday.

Kindergarteners and first graders had the opportunity to play rhythm sticks last week to either the macro beat or the micro beat. Ask your kindergartener or first grader to explain the difference, (hint, slow or fast!).

The pictures of third and fourth graders are of them playing a game called “Ali Baba”. The concept of the game is to incorporate rhythmic chant and four-part body percussion. The game gives students a chance to reinforce rhythmic patterns, to be creative, and to have the opportunity to get up and move!

-Mrs. Giannetti, Music Teacher

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Check out Mrs. Leach's website for a wealth of resources regarding mental health and self-care for students and families alike. Click the header above or: Mrs. Leach's Corner
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Having computer/device issues? Please do not send the device into school with your child or bring it here yourself. If you send the Chromebook in, we have to quarantine it for 24 hours before handling it. For this reason, we want to try to help you fix as many issues as we can without it coming into the school. Otherwise, your child will be without the device for at least a day, if not more.

If you are having issues with either a device or software, please use our new Help Desk form: Technology Help Desk

Hill-Roberts CREST Winners

During the school day, (whether in-person or at-home) huskies who exhibit our core values of Caring, Respect, Excellence, Safety & Trust can earn a CREST ticket from their teacher. Each student who earns a CREST Ticket has their name placed into a drawing to earn a weekly prize that is picked by Mrs. Cotsalas. Their name is called during the morning announcements and they get their photo taken with a CREST Certificate.

Congratulations to the following students for being our CREST winners for the week of 10/26 (photos to follow next week!):

K: Luke Newman

Adelyn Pardee

Gr. 1: Jasiah Catri

Makayla Jorgensen

Gr. 2: Preston Verdoia

Eliana Boyer-Etienne

Gr. 3: Anthony Princiotto

Alyssa Mackey

Gr. 4: Mahmoud Kaba

Matthew Levasseur

Upcoming Important Dates

November 3: No school - Election Day

November 11: No school - Veterans Day

November 17: Picture re-takes - Cohort B/AVA (more info to follow)

November 19: Picture re-takes - Cohort A/AVA (more info to follow)

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