Memorable 9/11

A Day To Remember

September 9, 2001, will always be a day to remember. Just a normal day like another but an unexpected event marked the US that day. From a beautiful morning to a dark day full of smoke, dead bodies, and building destruction. Nearly 3,000 victims lost their lives that day.

Footage of News Attack

9/11 Short News Footage Compilation

Why US?

Al-Qaeda thought that by attacking these big sights they would promote fear throughout the US. They hate the US cause they believe way different than Americans. In their political and religious goals in the Middle East and Muslim World is to destroy the US.

What was left...

What exactly happen?..


9/11 stands for September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers were attacked by 19 terrorists from al-Quaeda, an Islamist extremist group. It occurred in the morning; the terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes. Crashing two airplanes in the Twin Towers, and the third in the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. Passengers on the fourth hijacked plane Flight 93, fought back and crashed the plane before hitting the White House.

Marked Life

9/11 Survivors, 10 Years Later

In Loving Memory

Remembering 9/11: Never Quit
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