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Shout Outs!!

Thank you to the SIP Team for your time and effort in developing our SIP for this school year. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated by many.

Great job to our 5th Grade Team for organizing Stone Age Day! The 5th graders participated in a number of different activities that brought them back to days of our earliest ancestors.

The Run for FUNds event was a great success! Thank you for your flexibility that allowed this event to go smoothly. A special thank you to Mrs. Goff and Mr. O'Deay for assisting with organizing and helping run the event.

The 4th Grade Team organized a great lunch on Thursday. Thank you for organizing a wonderful spread for all of us to enjoy.


Please have your Instructional Planning Forms to me by October 5th. I will send out a blank form for you to use if you would like to use it.

Grade Level Problem Solving Meetings will take place on Monday, October 5th.

The ELL Department will be visiting our building on Monday for their walk-through. I am not sure if they will be visiting classrooms with EL students, or just visiting our EL teachers.

There has been a correction with the cost of the PTA membership. We were informed that the cost is $6 and not the $10 that was originally communicated. If you paid $10, then you will get $4 back.

Reflections Program:

The deadline for the Reflections Program is October 19th. Mrs. Myung and the PTA have asked for our assistance in promoting this program by bringing awareness of the program to our students. I will send an email Monday morning with a letter from Mrs. Myung and entry forms for the program.

Duties for the week:

Team: Bulldogs

1st Grade Door-Beth Chase/Andrew Rachford

K Playground-Jenna Aagaard

South Playground-Ellen Therens and Debbie Queen

5th Grade Door-Scott Ellison

After School Duty-Sarita Potas

On the Horizon...

9/28-ELL Department Walk-Through

9/29-SIP Meeting

9/29-Digital Storytelling PD

9/30-Admin Goal Conference

10/1-3rd Grade Field Trip to WWSHS

10/5-Grade Level Problem Solving Meetings


If you have a student that you believe would benefit from tutoring, please contact Sue Lendy or Ellen Therens. Sue and Ellen work alongside Blanchard to organize tutoring opportunities for Lincoln students.

September Birthday's

Susan Clark-8th

Bea McGuire-14th

Christine Chestnut-18

Lindsey Good-18

Meghann Ferguson-29