New York

Empire State

Basic facts about New York

Capital: Albany

US region: northeast

state: Buffalo

state: Central New York

state: Mohawk Valley

ranking of statehood: July 26, 1788 (11)

nickname: Empire State

Land Forms

A land form of New York is the Appalachian mountains and the rocky mountains.

Their are also islands in New York like the coney islands their are the Manhattan island.

One more land from for New York is the alantlet oscen also the costline.

Natural resources of New York

Some natural resources of New York are trees,wheat,oil,apples,milk,corn,eggs,barres and whole.

Some live stock of New York are cows,chickions and sheep.

Super Storm Sandy

Human Impact

We have impacted the word by building homes and roads.

We have also impacted the word by making cars that damage the air from the fuel and by making the Empire State building.