Make & Do for the iPad Crew

Science Edition: Killeen ISD

Getting started...

Diet Coke + Mentos + Microwave Experiment GONE WRONG!

What happened??

Quick! You have 83 seconds to complete the following three questions:

Google Docs

Google Shortener

Meet Tracy!

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Who are you?

Meet Greg!

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Who are you?

Session Essential Questions

1. How can educators use technology to make student thinking "visible"?

2. How can educators encourage high levels of cognitive response and scientific reasoning in classroom activities and projects?

3. What is the role of classroom culture in developing students who become responsible for their own thinking and learning?



A search engine for learning:!discover

Go ahead and sign up for a free account.

Dig in!

Choose one of the following two options:

1- Using the lesson material that you brought with you, find 3 supporting pieces of new knowledge and create a "collection" within Gooru.

2- Find 3 artifacts related to chemical reactions. Bonus points for artifacts related to the video we watched.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is one of the most powerful computational engines available. Ask it a question. Any question.



Great For: basic editing, cropping, labeling, highlighting, blurring (think kid's faces or personal info, license plate).

Activity: Choose 1 of the following

1) Inherited Traits vs. Learned Behaviors

Find a photo of your favorite exotic animal and create a Skitch with your picture. Label characteristics you believe are inherited traits and list learned behaviors you exhibit. Be prepared to present to your partner and group.

2) Chemical vs. Physical Reactions

Find a photo of either a chemical or physical reaction and label which type of reaction you chose. Label the image to demonstrate how a change is taking place. Be prepared to share out.


Ask3 is an iPad app that enables you to create videos for your students that they can watch, comment on, and video-respond. And vice versa.

Activity: After joining Greg's class, Choose 1 of the following

1) Using the lesson you brought with you, create a 1-minute instructional video and comment on at least one other video in the class.

2) Create a video that explains the difference between chemical & physical reactions, giving at least 1 concrete example of each. Comment on 1 other video in the class.



Great for: Student or teacher creates visual (drawing, graphic, etc.) then add an additional layer of information via weblink, audio, video, text note, etc. Also wonderful for guided, self-paced learning activities.

Activity Ideas:

  • Have students create a picture in Skitch, use Thinglink to elaborate on their ideas.
  • Steps/instructions for an experiment/lab
  • Explain the steps of the scientific method
  • Have students elaborate on their work processes (see this math-related example)
  • Teacher-created Thinglink with prompts and springboards to spur student thought


Feedback and Discussion

Go to and use Room ID: 69494

  • What did you see today that you liked?
  • What wouldn't work in your classroom? Why?
  • What other options are available to you?
  • Share out what you can take from today and use in your classroom (be sure to reference your learning goals!)

Evernote Infographic Creator

A parting gift...

Tracy Clark, M.S.

I want to make an impact on education! If I can help your campus or district please let me know. We offer customized professional development, instructional technology consulting services and more!

Greg Garner, M.Ed.

I want you to win! Whatever that looks like in your classroom, please let me know how I can help and I am more than happy to do what I can!