Community Outreach Center (Nat.)

Scott Geroge

What has Scott Geroge done to help the community?

Scot George provides food to the people who are in need. Scott started this foundation in 2001.Scott said there is 200% of the community that is in need. He also donates to the shelters. Any one can walk in and voulenteer to help. Scott gives medicine to the people who dont have food.He gives baskets of food when special thing come up like Chrsitmas,Thanksgiving etc.

Community Food and Outreach Center

How did Scott Geroge Help ?

He helped by giving food. Scott gave medication to them who needed. Scott George helped any race. Walmart also donates thing to the Community Outreach Center (they dontate every month). His family also helps and they have activites for familes.

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Backround Information about Scott George

He was born on October 18,1927 . His goal is to help lots and lots of familes. Scott studied to be a pastor. He went to Winter Park High School and went to Edge Water Universtey. Scott George lives in Orlando, Florida. He has been a pastor more than 25 yrs. Scott has 4 children Austin is (21), Aren is (19) ,Amanda is (17) ,and Allison is (15).

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What can I do to help the community?

I can help the community by voulenteering .Or i can do my neighbors yard. Like mowing their lawn,help shovel, and i can also help garden. We could voulenteer for things that are out in the community. We can also be good citizen by picking up trash at the parks even your own yard. We can do a funraiser to help the community. It will make a better diffrence!!
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About Me !

Hi, my name is Irene. I am 10 years old. I go to Howard Elementary my teacher is Mrs. Voight I'm a 4th grader! I Love (<3) The Smurfs. I live in Howard, Wi. I like to go outdoors, play soccer, and swim! :)
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