Henry Ford and the Model T

By Mollie Glass

Have you want to travel somewhere but don't have the time or thought to yourself it was impossible? Well now the Impossible can be possible with the help of Henry Ford's Model T!!!!!

A little bit about the Extraordinary man

Henry Ford worked as an engineer in Detroit Michigan, He wanted to Build an inexpensive car that would in his words "Last a lifetime". He started to experiment with a automobile engine that ran on gasoline in the 1890's. By 1930 he made an Auto-making company and he started designing cars. That's when superintendent Charles Sorenson and Henry Ford began work on what was know as the Model T.

The Model T

In 1908, Henry Ford Was proud to announce that The Model T was introduced to the public. Sorenson described it as "A car which anyone could buy, which anyone could drive, and which almost anyone could keep in repair". This Made the Model T extremely popular.

Why was this amazing achievement Significant?

During the next 18 years of their booming success, Ford's company sold almost 15 million Model T's. This allowed Ford to come up with yet another Successful Idea, The Assembly line. The assembly line allowed workers to easily make more Model T's In half the time! This revolutionized an industry. The Model T brought great value to anyone who had one, it allowed easier transportation of goods, and to get you anywhere you needed to be. This outbreak of this significant invention caused an impact in history across the nation.