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January 11, 2016

More Unlimited Use eBooks

I love a bargain! My favorite place to shop is thrift stores, and I have been known to upcycle & refashion some of those great finds to make something brand new!

I just got quite a bargain of new stuff for the library and I didn't have to do a thing! Follett ran a special before the holidays on certain unlimited use eBooks. When a school purchased eBooks from this list, they also received a print copy of the same book. If you have heard me talk about eBooks, you know they are a volatile market. Prices and ownership can be in flux. It is nuts!

Through this special, the library acquired 35+ new unlimited use titles. Unlimited use means that all of your students could be reading these books at the same time on their iPads. This opens a world of possibilities for book studies, projects, and complimentary reading assignments. Plus, the library has a print copy of the same book! It's a win-win!

To see what titles are now available, filter for unlimited use in the BryteWave App on you iPad.

New Arrivals to the eBook Collection

App of the Week - BryteWave (REVISITED)

You will need the BryteWave App from the App Catalog to read these eBooks. Use your library login to access the book collection. Students will use their ID number for username and password. Teachers should use email prefix for their accounts. Contact the library for assistance if you need help.
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