Photography Skills/ Photo editing

Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS Digital ELPH

About the camera

This camera in my opinion is absolutly amazing. I have taken some amazing pictures with it.

Some of the things it does are the photography options are Auto, Program, and Movie.

Auto Photography

Automatically takes the picture you are wanting it depending on how you place the object and how you center the camera. There are not really any options that are different.


Program takes clear pictures but it doesn't add the same "effects" I guess as Auto. It does let you choose between Marco, Normal, and Infinity which auto doesn't. There is not a big differenece in the three. You can get these options by clicking on the flower/mountain button. Flash of course but it gives you different options of what kind of flash you could use. It gives you of course on and off but it also gives you slow synchro.

Movie (video)

Pretty much gives you the same "effects option" as Program. The Marco, Normal, and Infinity. You can also change the brightness of the screen when in movie. But you can not have flash in movie if for some reason you need it.

My least favorite editing apps:

Little Photo gives you effect 1 & 2 but it also gives you the effect regular.

and Pixlr-o-matic are just give you a lot of effects and frames but they don't let you put text on there which I prefer. After Focus is okay but a little bit confusing. Once you get it though the picture can come out looking really cool.

My favorite editing apps:

I have tested a few of the aditing apps on my phone and my favorites are Snapseed, Aviary, and Pic Say. Pic say lets you choose between 6 different effects: Colorize, Hue, Rainbow, Epia Toning, Invert, and Dizziness. It also lets you make adjustments to the picture with exposure, contrast, temperature, tint, saturation, and brightness. plus you can pic to make it have pixels. You can use a marker. You can put a spotlight or make it distort with Bulge, Soherize, Stretch, and Twirl. You can also choose from different stickers.

Editing on the computer.

Out of the 10 best photo editing websites I only liked 4 of them. The PicMonkey, Be Funky, iPiccy, and PiZap. They were the easiest to use and less complicated than the others in my opinion.

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