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Mini Pack Update 12/11/2015

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A Few IMPORTANT Reminders...

Beat the Holiday Rush by registering for the Winter Party by Tuesday, December 15th at 3:30! The Winter Party is on Friday, December 18th between 1:45-2:30 pm. Each guest is required to RSVP. If you have not had your drivers license scanned previously, you will still have to check in through the front office even if you RSVP in advance.

Click here to be taken to the form. Don't wait too long. The form expires Tuesday, December 15. We can't wait to see you.

Lost and Found is located in the front entry way. Please come by and collect anything that may belong to your child. All remaining items will be donated over the winter break.

Students are allowed to wear pajamas on Thursday, December 17th!

Pay online for your Class Parties - $7 for all 3

Winter class parties are Friday, December 18 and there's still time to make a contribution Every bit helps room parents pull together a great end of the year party for your kiddo and their classmates.

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Principal's Pen

Dear Scott Staff,

Thank you Ms. Hanvey for forwarding the article we are using in this week's mini pack as the feature for our letter to you all. This article written by Eduardo Briceno from Mindset Works expresses so many of the fundamental ideas that we hold dearly here at Scott - big ideas about motivation, failure and a growth mindset.

The graphic above demonstrates the need to help students understand how important mistakes are to the learning process and deepens our understanding of the different kinds of mistakes. Not all mistakes are created equal. Our ability to learn from our mistakes and manage those as we improve on them is critical.

Here are the 4 kind of mistakes:

  1. The Stretch Mistake: Stretch mistakes happen when we are working to expand and grow our current level or abilities. It's when we are trying to learn something new that we have limited experience with. If we never made stretch mistakes it would mean that we never truly challenged ourselves to learn new skills and concepts. Stretch mistakes are positive mistakes in which we strive for and expect.

  2. The Aha-Moment Mistake: This type of mistake is when we achieve a goal, but learn something unexpected in the process. It is not a mistake that can be planned or strived for. It just happens. An example of this is trying to put a small fire out, but instead of using water you grab the closest liquid - alcohol, which is flammable.
  3. The Sloppy Mistake: Sloppy Mistakes happen when we're doing something we are know how to do but make careless mistakes because of lack of focus or concentration. Sometimes, Sloppy Mistakes can be turned into Aha-Moment Mistakes if we learn something unexpected from that experience that helps us avoid a similar Sloppy Mistake.
  4. The High-Stakes Mistake: These kinds of mistakes occur when the results of an error have high stakes effects. For example, a bus driver going to fast around a curve would be a high stakes mistake. A football championship that is lost because of a player's error would be a high stakes mistake. These kind of mistakes are ones that potentially have detrimental, life changing effects but through which learning can still take place.

In order to learn the most from our mistakes, we need to understand the type of mistakes we are learning. Because mistakes are not all created equal, we need to focus our efforts and deepen our understanding and efficiency as learners.

How could you use this knowledge with your children to strengthen their attention and focus on their learning? How could this knowledge impact homework time?

(If you would like to read the entire article you can find it here.)

We appreciate you all!

Paige and Leanne

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Haylee Mendez Performing at Rock 101 Grill

The Frisco Outlaws win the Big Tex National Championship

Braedon Atha, a 4th grader at Scott, and his team, the Frisco Outlaws, won the Big Tex National Championship in their age group. Blunt Sports Marketing created Big Tex National Championship to bring the best Youth Football Teams in America to one city to compete for a championship ring. Braedon's team won the ring! We are proud of you!

Amazing Spellers at Scott

And the Winners are...

Class Champions

First Grade: Gavin, Kripa, Ryliegh, Tala, Anna, and Addison

Second Grade: Aubrey, Jacob, Emerald, Hyunjeong, and Sophia

Third Grade: Abby, Braeden, Abdullah, Elli, Janna, Gabriella, Dylan, and Eshan

Third Grade Overall Champion: Eshan

Fourth Grade: Davis, Tanvi, Braedon, Adrianna, Van Wyatt, Camryn, Ariana, Chloe, Christian, Tania, Luke, Faith, Aaron, Reem, Isabella, Dareen, and Beya

Fifth Grade: Sasha, Jhana, Ryan, Ella, Alexander, Paul, Emma, Brandon, Mariah, Yousef, Asra, Easton, Noah, Brenden, Madeline, Kaylee, Wes, Aya, and Isaac

1st place goes to Isaac Philo in 5th grade

Runner up from 4th grade Braedon Atha

3rd place-Aya Abuhijleh in 5th grade

4th place-Alexander Routson

5th place-Paul Joseph

Ambrose-3rd grade Mrs. Smith's Class

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Special Shout Outs

  • Shout OUT to our PTA for the amazing luncheon you provided the staff!
  • Big Thank You to 1st grade for making the beautiful snowmen!
  • Top That! A BIG shout out to Mrs. Pompey's 2nd grade class. They are the November Box Top Winners! Box Tops for Education can be found on most products in your home. Clip them off and send them in with your student each month.
  • A BIG HOLLER to our third grader students! They are growing as readers and writers!


Helping Hands Wanted

We're giving thanks to all those who have volunteered and are asking for some helping hands to fill up our volunteer calendar throughout the school year. If your hands are full, don't forget about the teacher workroom where faculty projects can even be fulfilled at home. Learn how to sign up here.


Pick up your produce with you pick up your kiddo. Order fresh goods from GROW and they'll deliver your produce to Scott and save you a trip. learn more about GROW here.

Wanted: Box Tops and Labels for Education

We're far from the end of the month, but with the holiday's just around the corner, don't forget to bring in those Box Tops and Labels. Learn more and see which products qualify: Scott Box Tops and Labels

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Looking for ways to get more involved? There's a slot for everyone and every busy schedule. Scott PTA Volunteers

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Safety Reminder

We have had some near misses with our students and staff during morning and after school carpool. Please be patient with our staff and students as they exit cars and drive on and off campus. It may not always be obvious to you as to why you are being asked to stop and wait, but know that student safety is ALWAYS our top priority. Give yourself extra time as the weather gets colder so that you can have the patience needed if delays occur.

Updates and Reminders

Morning Drop-off: Please DO NOT drop off your children in the middle of Millbend Drive. The only drop-off allowed in the mornings is around the back of the school in the FIRST carpool lane. We have had numerous parents allowing their children to hop out of the car on Millbend and run across the street. This is extremely dangerous and can't happen; your children's safety is our #1 concern.

Parking on Campus: Please do not park in the fire lanes at anytime including lunch or Celebrate Scott.

Texting/Calls: Please refrain from texting in/around the school. We are responsible for getting 650 students safely to and from school. Please help by keeping your eyes on the road and not looking at your phone.

Bikes on Campus: Parents, please talk to your child about not riding his/her bike or scooter on campus grounds. We also will be talking to all our students. We have had some near misses with student safety because of bike riders nearly running into other students or failing to stop at the crosswalk. Again, your child's safety is always our #1 concern.

All FISD Community Workshops are held at the FISD Administration Building.

February 16: Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child

  • 6:00-7:00 pm


Elementary students may only bring items for distribution to classmates on the three party days: Winter Party, Valentine’s Day and end of year celebration.

In addition, students issuing invitations to individual birthday parties or other celebrations may only do so at school if all students in the homeroom class are invited. These birthday invitations must be passed out at the end of the day with permission from the teacher.