Transition Plus

Believing in Student Success!

Flu Clinic

On Wednesday October 18, we are hosting the FLU CLINIC from 11:30am to 2pm held in the Transition Plus cafeteria. This clinic is available to ALL staff, family members, community members, anyone walking by the building.

We are trying to vaccinate everyone. Please bring your insurance card, completed registration form, and photo ID to the clinic. If you do NOT have insurance Please come anyway. The clinic is supported by MVNA and HCMC. This year they are encouraging people to fill out the registration forms ahead of time and I will have them in the Transition Plus health office (this is to save time ).

I will hang up posters around the Wilder building to help get the word out.

Any questions/concerns contact Linda at 668-4071 or stop in the health office at Transition Plus

PD This week for Teachers

Tuesday 10/17 8 - 9 AM PD with Coordinator Jason Bucklin, of Out4Good & LGBT Programs

Staff members will join Minneapolis Public Schools Out4Good program to learn strategies for creating gender-inclusive schools with engaging practices that support all students; this PD aligns with our SIP Equity goal.

Work Based Learning Request

1. Please bring in your newspapers for Team 1 production room.

2. SCAN LAB needs photos, negatives or slides to scan. Our student workers are doing a great job and need more work. We ask for a suggested donation of 5 cents per scan. Images can be burned onto a CD/DVD depending on size of job or onto your flashdrive. We can take work from outside the building, family members, neighbors, any one you know who may want to preserve precious memories. Click Here for the Order Form

Thank you to those who already brought in their memories for us to preserve.

3. PAES LAB – If a student had PAES LAB in high school, they should not be scheduled in it at Transition Plus. Please check their transcripts to see if they had it and schedule them in a different class.

4. SCAN LAB- Before scheduling students for the Scan Lab [which is a in-house worksite NOT a class], talk to MaryAnn to see if there is an opening. There is a limited number of work stations.

Attendance Celebration

On Monday October 23 from 2:30-3:30 pm come make a sundae in the staff lounge. This is for your attendance of 20 days at 95% or better.

There will be some options for those who do not do dairy or want to take it on the go.

This Week

Tuesday--------Licensed Staff PD-------Jason Bucklin


--------------------International Potluck ----5:30-7p