Learn Computer Programming

Computer Programming for Mere Mortals

EDIT 4160 Design & Development Tools

The University of Georgia
Short Session I (June 5-July 2, 2014), 1:00-3:15 pm

It's projected that in the next decade there will be about 1 million more U.S. jobs in the technology sector than computer science graduates to fill them. Have you been avoiding computer science courses but have been wondering if you have what it takes to learn programming? Are you interested in "looking behind the curtain" of what goes into making an app? Do you have an idea for a killer app, but don't know how to start?

This is your opportunity to learn about computer programming in a friendly atmosphere in the College of Education. This course is especially designed for people who have never programmed and who perhaps don't think of themselves as able to master programming skills. This course is also a good choice for people who already know some programming or just love trying out new technology. And make no mistake, you will learn real programming in this course!

This course will introduce participants to computer programming using a programming language called LiveCode < http://livecode.com/ >. The course will be taught using a studio-based approach where participants work on projects of interest to them in a social context where everyone gives and gets feedback and gives and gets help. Instruction will take place in a workshop environment where new skills and techniques are introduced throughout the course. One major project will be required with a few "mini-projects" required along the way to make sure everyone is learning the fundamentals. You will also be asked to keep a design journal where you can make notes, sketches, and write about frustrations and successes. Come and test the waters of learning to program!

Learn programming in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

A little more about LiveCode

LiveCode uses a natural programming language based on HyperTalk. LiveCode is unique in that it is both a powerful prorgramming language in its own right that is used by many companies worldwide, yet is one of the easiest programming languages to learn.

LiveCode is used to create desktop, Internet, database, network, and mobile applications. Applications built with LiveCode are completely cross-platform. That means you can run any application you create on all major modern operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS. LiveCode can also be used to create native apps for the iPhone and the Android.

Examples and Awards:

  • The United States Geological Survey uses LiveCode to support the operation of their NASA built Landsat 7 satellite.
  • LiveCode powers the airline KLM's flight booking system.-Industrial Toys, the makers of Halo, is using LiveCode to create the graphic novel "Morning Star Alpha," which will present the story of their next game "Morning Star."
  • MacWorld gave LiveCode a 5 star review and LiveCode won the top prize of Best Development Tool at the 2011 MacTech conference in Los Angeles.

Go to http://livecode.com/showcase/ to see other notables who are using LiveCode.


Lloyd Rieber is a Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology. He's a self-taught programmer who has been writing and publishing computer programs since he first learned how to program on the original Apple II computer. He is also a former public school teacher. He has two apps in Apple's app store that were built with LiveCode.

Questions? Email Lloyd Rieber <lrieber@uga.edu>