North American Natives

North American Natives: By Gage Burgess

Anasazi (ancestors with the Pablo) 500-1200 AD. They constructed dams, ditches, and canals to trap water for their garden. Houses made out of adobe and stone they had many stories and they had building like structure lived along cliff walls and large plazas. The heart of the civilization in Choco canyon was the Pablo bonito where there was a massive complex, more than 1000 people.

Adena (collectively known as the Eastern Woodlands people). lived in Ohio during 700 BC and grew barley, squash, gourds

, and sunflowers. Produces copper jewelry and pottery.

Hopewell (also collectivley known as Eastern Woodland people). Came to Ohio around 300 BC and built mounds, some were 40 ft. high and 100 ft. wide. artifacts were found on the te

rade network, they were also known as "mound builders"

Mississippians arived in Mississippi in 800 AD. Had plants for food when added maize and beans the population grew. Mississippi had to gain more land do to the groth of the population. Do to more land meant more cities with up to 10,000 people and the largest county was Cahokia (located near st. Louis). Cahokia was 100nft. high base more than 14 acres (larger than the great pyramid in Egypt). surrounding this molund was 120 smaller mounds