Pituitary Gland Potluck

The Greatest Gland in All the Land

Soon, we will have a celebration for the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland never stops working and in accordance with this we have decided to have an all day celebration, complete with food. Don't forget to bring a dish- ice cream, pizza, and spinach are preferred.

Thursday, April 23rd

Thursday, April 23rd, 12am

Under the hypothalamus in your brain

The functions of the pituitary gland include controlling lactation, sex drive, pain, and growth. We are getting together to honor this gland. That is the purpose of our event.


Split into three regions:

Pars Distalis - distal portion and bulk of the anterior lobe. It is responsible for most of the hormone production.

Pars Tuberalis - forms a part of the sheath extending up from the Pars Distalis. Its function is poorly understood.

Pars Intermedia - sits between the Pars Distalis and the posterior pituitary gland. It is very small and indistinct in humans.