10 ways to prevent identity theft

By: Sehaj Sidhu

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone hacks into your accounts and steals private information, for example driver's license, credit card numbers, passports, etc. Using this information people can easily make purchases using your credit card, take money out of your bank account.

ways to prevent identity theft

  1. Key in personal identification numbers privately when you use direct purchase terminals, bank machines, or telephones.
  2. Pay attention to your billing cycle. If credit card or utility bills fail to arrive, contact the companies to ensure that they have not been illicitly redirected.
  3. Be particularly careful about your SIN; it is an important key to your identity, especially in credit reports and computer databases.
  4. Give out no more than the minimum, and carry the least possible with you
  5. Trash bins are a goldmine for identity thieves. Make sure you shred personal and financial documents before putting them in the garbage.
  6. keep different passwords for each account, hackers will always try the same password
  7. read terms and conditions before creating an account, make sure the website doesn't share personal info, if so don't make an account or be aware about what you post on it
  8. make sure the website is secure meaning it starts with https:// make sure the "s" is there
  9. don't join wi-fi connections that do not have passwords these connections make it easier for the hackers.
  10. download a trusted anti-virus or anti-malware software for extra protection against hackers