Independence:was it a bad thing?

What happened to Singapore after independence?

"My immediate reaction was sadness and concern..."said by the Chairman of United Chinese Bank in 1992

When the news broke out,some people's reaction were negative.They did not expect the separation as they have put so much effort in the federation of Malaysia.They were worried about Singapore's political and economics future as there are limited resources and little population in Singapore.Besides the reaction of the Chairman,there were some housewives even started to store things which shows that they take the independence of Singapore as the sign of war.However, there were also some people gave the independence a positive reaction.People thought there were too many disagreements in the Federation of Malaysia and the independence stopped this.

As a small country,Singapore was facing a very serous issue--there was no enough people to defense their country.After separation,many non-Singaporean military personnel decided to transfer to Malaysian army.At the same time,Malaysia withdrew its riot police squad.To save this dangerous situation,the first minister Dr Goh Keng Swee introduced National service.In 1967, the first batch of 900 full-time national servicemen enlisted in Singapore Armed Force(SAF) and by 1976,SAF had 140000 solders. With no doubt, this was a successful policy .

In the separation,the whole southeast Asia was unstable,there was a war fought between the communist and non-communist in Vietnam.Singapore could be affected if the war spread further.During 1964 and 1966,Indonesia carried out attacks in Singapore as Indonesia was opposed to the formation of the federation of the Malaysia .Singapore had been attacked before and after the independence.Many places had been bombed by them.

Singapore has gone through many hardships after the independence.But because of the independence, Singapore has turned to a new page.The government leaded this country to a better life.Stronger troops have been developed.Economy has been boosted.Tourist are attracted to here by its cleanness and discipline.Foreigner emigrate here for its safety. The independence has proved a good thing for Singapore.