4/27/15- 5/1/15

Upcoming Events

Mon. 4/27

1:00 Lisa K. meets with Jennifer on the new K Entrance Assessment,

First Testing Training for staff 2:50 (I will need to do make-ups with some of you.)

Fri. 5/1

10:30 Speech and Debate demo at SES for 8th graders, Mr. Adron will training with Ms. Debbie. We will locate a sub for afternoon PE classes.

Mon. 5/4

National Children's Theater Presents Treasure Trove for K-5 students 1:30

T-Shirts for Teacher Appreciation Week

The PTO has decided on June 9th as the date for the Staff Appreciation Dinner. The PTO is going to be giving each of us a shirt at the dinner. Sometime during the next few days, when you have a minute, please stop by the office and pick a color you would like them to order for you. Thank you and Thank You to the PTO!

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you Deidre and Hadley for doing gate duty at the game this week.

Also, Ms. Debbie has been hard at work training Ms. Leslee with posting information on our webpage. Mr. Adron will begin some tech training next Friday.