End of January Lights

Let's continue witih our best effort!

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The Corral was Full!

Our PBIS program of providing children with a well-deserved mustang for positive behavior had a celebration this past Thursday and the cafeteria was jumping. Mr. Bob Angeli was our DJ for some of the best freeze dancing and musical chairs games ever. Please enjoy the pictures taken by Mrs. janquart.
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It's Soup-er Bowl time

Our children are invited to bring in soup to vote for their favorite team. One can, one vote. next week, one week. Let's see what we "can" do. Yes I wrote that. Thanks! Our 4th graders are the collectors and the counters of this terrific event.

Our 4k/5K Parent Orientation

This past Thursday evening, new moms and dads of 4k and 5k children who are residents of our district, or simply shopping for the best district around, joined us for an evening of learning. I have included the link to our presentation if you want to share this with anyone you know who is interested in learning about our schools.


More celebration of the corral

Can't get enough of kids having fun in school for a good reason. Here's some more.

Mike Budisch

Our mid-winter is full of activities in our school and the pic here is an announcement of one of the most successful. Even with the loss by the Packers, the students can still enjoy picking a winner by bringing in cans of soup. Each can is a vote for either Atlanta or New England. Our 4th graders do all of the promotion and counting of this event.