Family Engagement

I’m sure you all can agree that today’s schools are more diverse than ever. Educators have to be creative when trying to minimize behavior interruptions and motivate students to remain engaged in the learning process. One of the ways we are trying to improve student engagement is through Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions. Our goal is to maintain a safe and positive learning environment and we feel SEL can help. We have implemented several SEL interventions such as “Quiet Corners” for students to use if they need a cooling off period during class as well as “Fun Friday” and “Tiger Paws” to reward positive behavior. But how can students receive help outside the classroom? Studies have shown that when families are engaged with their child’s education and school community, it increases the child’s academic achievement. Implementing SEL initiatives at school and at home can help strengthen the school culture resulting in an enhanced ability for students to be successful in school. Right click on the link below to learn more about SEL and get ideas on how you can help.

What is Reunification?

Separation from one’s family during or after an emergency can have mental and physical effects on children. The faster children reunite with their parents/guardians, the better the outcomes. Reunification is the process of ensuring that children return to the care of their parent(s) and family as quickly as possible. School emergencies have increased thus increasing the possibility for children to become separated from their parents or legal guardians. During an evacuation or sheltering process, parents may find that they are at work and their child(ren) have been relocated to a different facility. In the event of an emergency that renders our building unsafe, West Main will relocate to Lancaster High School’s indoor practice facility. We will have a reunification drill on November 21, 2019. We are in need of parent volunteers to participate in the drill and act as parents needing to be reunified with their student. Volunteering for the drill will allow you to see first-hand how the process works. If you are available to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Perkins at 972-218-1551 for further details.

Thanks in advance for helping to ensure the safety of our students.

Upcoming Events and Dates

November 8th End of Six Weeks

November 8th 2nd Grade PBL Launch Field Trip

November 9th SWEATT Dallas Dance Festival

November 11th Veterans Day Celebration at 8:00 am (Please Contact Mrs. Gray to RSVP

at 972-218-1551)

November 12th PTA Meeting/Program at 6:00 PM

November 13th Boy Scouts Meeting

November 15th Dance Field Trip to Booker T. Washington

November 18th 5th Grade Field Trip

November 18th Class Pictures and Picture Retakes (Uniform Required)

November 21st Thanksgiving Dinner Adults $3.50 Children $2.40

November 21st 3rd through 5th grade Reunification Drill

November 25th through November 29th Thanksgiving Break

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School starts at 8:00 AM and students are tardy at 8:05 AM. Students can arrive as early as 7:30 AM.

  • Students will not be released after 3:00 PM from the front office. Dismissal will begin at 3:30 PM.
  • Parent drop-off and pick-up is at the FRONT of the school. Parents should not drop students off nor pick up at the REAR of the building.
  • Students enrolled in Life-Skills or attend Piano and/or Right at School should arrive and dismiss from the REAR of the school.
  • Students who walk home will be escorted away from the campus at 3:40 PM. This allows time for students to arrive and staff to take attendance.
  • Pick-up lanes, in the front, are divided by grade level. Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade parents should enter the parking lot and remain in the RIGHT LANE. 3rd through 5th grade parents should enter the parking lot and remain in the LEFT LANE.
  • Please have your "ORANGE TAG" in the window of your car when picking up students. If you do not have an "ORANGE TAG" , you will need to present your ID to pick up your child.
  1. All parents should remain in cars during dismissal.