Dear District 64 Staff:

It is hard to believe that November is upon us. I hope you survived Halloween! My newsletter will be dedicated to the significant work we have to do in regard to our schools. As you know, last year, we contracted with FGM Architects to determine the health of each of our facilities, what they might need to support 21st century learning and meet safety standards set forth by Illinois School Code as they age. Emerson is now a teenager and our oldest schools (Field, Lincoln and Roosevelt) date to 1928. This fall, we brought recommendations to the Board of Education for the most critical work to be completed first to keep our learning environments “safe, warm and dry.” This is basic work required on the “envelope” of the schools -- such as replacing leaking roofs, sealing windows, repairing crumbling bricks, and the like -- to make sure the schools can continue to serve students and be neighborhood assets for many years to come. We brought forward recommendations to break up this work into packages over several summers, and for further study to identify options for work that could be considered over the next 10 years.

In addition to this critical infrastructure, District 64 contracted with noted national security expert Paul Timm of RETA Security to conduct a comprehensive security review. Based on these findings, District 64 has mapped out a multi-year plan to enhance security for staff and students working and learning within the facilities each day. Lanyards, phobes, the Raptor visitor management system are some of the visible enhancement already in place. Adding new secured entries to all our schools was a top recommendation of this study. As you know, visitors, once buzzed in -- have immediate, direct access to school hallways and therefore, to our students and staff. We have proposed, new secured vestibules funneling visitors into school offices for access to school would help enhance security for all students and staff. We have brought forward a recommendation to the Board for such entries to be completed in summer 2016. Other than educating students, keeping students safe while at school is the most fundamental assumption when parents entrust their children to us each day. We feel strongly that vestibules will help do just that.

More detailed plans, alternatives and cost estimates for these 2016 summer projects only will be presented at a special Board meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 5 at Jefferson School, 8200 Greendale, Niles. Work for summer 2016 was initially estimated at about $14 million total, including: required Health Life Safety and critical infrastructure at about $8 million, and secured vestibules for all buildings at an estimated $6 million. FGM Architects will be presenting more refined costs as well as some choices for vestibule designs at this meeting. We also have been working with the Board through the Fall to identify funding options for this essential work, including spending some of the District’s available existing fund balance possibly in combination with bonds. This discussion will continue on November 5. Further discussion and action on these important projects is expected at the November 16 regular Board meeting, which will be held at 7:00 p.m. at Franklin School, 2401 Manor Lane, Park Ridge. As always, Board meetings are open to the public and we welcome community and staff participation as the Board conducts its work in a public setting. Videos of all meetings also are accessible on our website.

I hope you will take this opportunity to become more informed about the critical work needed to ensure our learning environments are “safe, warm and dry” for students and staff. Further information about the Master Facilities Plan and the discussions that have been occurring this fall is available on our website. We know that our neighborhood schools are among the community’s most valued assets, and that it is incumbent on us to invest in their ongoing maintenance so they can continue to provide a healthy setting to educate the current and future generations of Park Ridge-Niles students.

Finally, as we wrap up the month --
The end of October is the traditional time when ISBE releases the official School Report Cards. As you know, the State has delayed releasing the results from the PARCC assessment and as a result, PARCC data is not available on the School Report Card at this time. Therefore, incomplete versions of the cards for District 64 and each of our District 64 schools have now been posted at Illinoisreportcard.com. This preliminary version does contain other information about student and teacher characteristics, our school programs, and learning conditions. We will keep you informed when the complete Report Card becomes available from the State later this year.

And as we look ahead to November --
D64 will be recognizing the work of our school board on the annual statewide School Board Members Day with an “Everyday Heroes” theme this year. The students at Franklin will have an opportunity to present certificates of appreciation to our seven members at the start of the regular Board meeting on November 16. We also are creating a new website page to list the names of local community members who have served on past Boards going back almost 50 years! I encourage you to email our Board members to thank them for the long hours of volunteer service they devote to championing quality education for our community.

Happy Halloween!




Please check and make sure your license information is accurate in the ELIS (Educator License Information System) on an annual basis. I would highly recommend this action if you have recently added a new endorsement in the past school year to your educator license. Unfortunately, updating new endorsements in the ELIS system does not always go seamlessly and it is important to make sure the State has accurately updated your account. If you have any issues with ELIS please do not hesitate to contact the human resources department. We are happy to assist you in this process. Further, if you do add a new endorsement please let the administration know so that we can add that to our information.


Upcoming Staff Development Opportunities

Formative Assessment and High-Impact Instruction are two strands of professional development identified in the Strategic Plan. Our goal is for 100% of staff to participate and all staff to implement these strategies over the coming year. To this end, we have scheduled professional development opportunities for all staff to attend this fall and spring. If you have not already attended these workshops, please plan to attend on the dates below. Registration information can be found below each workshop description.

Jim Knight’s High-Impact Instruction

Coming This Spring!

This spring, the Department for Student Learning will once again host Dr. Jim Knight! Almost 200 District 64 educators have participated in this engaging workshop! Dr. Knight will focus on the high-impact strategies that make the biggest difference in student learning:1) content planning, 2) instructional practices, 3) classroom community building, and 4) formative assessment. These strategies maximize the power of your lessons and are appropriate for any teacher in any content area!

This one-day workshop will be offered three times this spring from 8:20-3:20 at South Park Rec Center, 833 Talcott, Park Ridge. Please register below by November 1:

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Please do not secure a substitute for this workshop until your registration is confirmed by the Department for Student Learning


​Do you want to get started using formative assessment in your classroom? Are you looking for simple, easy-to-implement strategies that you can start using ASAP?

The Department for Student Learning will once again present “The Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning.” This full-day workshop will teach you about seven formative assessment strategies that can positively impact student achievement. All participants will receive a copy of Jan Chappuis’ book The Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning.

The workshop will be offered four times this fall from 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at the ESC Room 1:

Workshop Date (Click below to register)...........................Registration Due By:

Friday, November 6 .............................................................Monday, October 26

Thursday, January 21............................................................Monday, January 11

Tuesday, February 9..............................................................Monday, February 1

Please do not secure a substitute for this workshop until your registration is confirmed by the Department for Student Learning. Thank you!


At one point a question may have crossed your mind - is there an email address for a particular group in our email system? In any enterprise email system, there is a organizational global address book that is centrally managed. This is where you would find email addresses for individuals and for groups of people by function in the organization. The Tech Central team has done work to make this global address book accurate and more intuitive. A D64 Global Address Book explanation and how-to has been prepared to help you take advantage of this.

This group email naming convention is reflected in the staff directory found on the D64 Staff Portal. Each staff member is associated with a baseline group email. In conjunction with the VoIP system rollout, this staff directory listing was created to make sure all 700+ members of the District 64 staff are accurately represented in both phone, email address, and email group. Contact your building secretary or Allison Blum if there needs to be a correction.

Please note that this global address book is different than your own email contacts. Your Contacts are created and managed by you.

The Technology Department hopes that this will help you in getting that email message to the group it needs to go with better efficiency and accuracy using a well managed global address book.

UNITY DAY (Anti-Bullying Awareness Campaign)

On October 21st, in celebration of an anti-bullying awareness campaign called Unity Day, every student at Lincoln Middle School started their day with a positive message posted to their locker. An 8th grade leadership group whose mission is to create a school "Where Everybody Belongs" (WEB), wrote post it notes with positive inspirational or anti-bullying messages. The WEB leaders arrived to school early to stick them to every locker in the building to surprise their fellow classmates. During homeroom, the students watched a video to explicitly state the importance of being a helpful bystander. The WEB leaders had conversations in 6th grade classes to reflect on how students can make a difference and put a stop to bully behaviors.

Genny Chesney
Social Worker
Lincoln Middle School
(847) 318-4224


The 9th Annual ELF Casino Night is set for January 30th at Cafe La Cave. It is always a fun night that raises a great deal of money to support the innovative ideas in District 64. However, the success of Casino Night really depends on staff stepping up to act as dealers and other volunteers.

Dealers and other volunteers can be District 64 staff and their spouse/significant others. Meals will be provided for all volunteers. Dealers do not need previous experience since training will be provided to all on January 20th.


Questions about Casino Night and ELF?

Visit the Elementary Learning Foundation website.

Questions about volunteering?

Contact Patricia Mayer, Kara Pottinger, or Dan Walsh.

As we all know, the Elementary Learning Foundation has done so much to support the students and staff in the district. Please consider giving back with a few hours of your time.

Thank you,

Your ELF Teacher Representatives


Shannon Maloney-Ryan (PE Teacher at Roosevelt) and husband, John Ryan, welcomed their first child, John Paul Ryan on September 24. John John weighed 10 lbs and was 21.5 inches long.

Jenny Ostwald, (IR Teacher) at Roosevelt School and her husband, Scott Ostwald, welcomed their first child, Emma Nicole on October 9. Emma weighted 6 lbs 12oz and was 19 inches long.



This lovely Jeep lives at my house and I would like it to live somewhere else...

2011 Jeep Patriot - EXCELLENT condition - 4WD - 63,700m - $12900; see details here. Contact Denise Reeder, Lincoln.

Bought this summer for $1800+ ($$ for set up). Only used for a week! Can no longer use due to an injury. Asking $1600. Please email: Julie Flyke @Emerson or mcgoo1968@aol.com. Check out all the bells and whistles i.e., wireless chest strap, speakers, fan, (she's a beaut!):


My mom is downsizing and has several furniture pieces available for sale! Need to sell by Dec. 5th. Priced to sell! Pictures available! Email Sharon Stake at sstake@d64.org for more info!

  • Wrought Iron, 1 ½ year old patio furniture! Beautiful table, w/ 4 chairs and matching chaise lounge. Umbrella and cushions (perfect condition) included! $2500 new in 2013. $750 for all! A real deal!!

  • Sofa bed and 2 comfy chairs (excellent condition) with Ethan Allen coordinating fabrics. Nice, neutral tones. $300

  • Practically-brand new queen size bed w/box spring and white nightstand. $200

  • Camelback 2-cushion sofa. Very good condition! $100

  • Honquest small bedroom bureau. Medium wood tone! Perfect condition! $100

  • Cherry Dining Room table and 6 chairs. $200

2015-2016 Pay Dates


11/19/15 (Thanksgiving week (11/23/15-11/30/15)


12/17/15 (Christmas Break 12/21/15 to 01/01/16-Returning Monday, 01/04/16)


1/14/16 and 1/28/16

2/11/16 and 2/25/16

3/10/16 and 3/24/16 (Spring Break begins on 3/25/16 to 04/01/16-Returning

Monday, 4/4/16)

4/07/16 and 4/21/16

5/05/16 and 5/19/16

6/02/16, 6/16/15 and 6/30/16

7/14/16 and 7/28/16



Monday, Nov. 16th, 7pm

2401 Manor Lane

Park Ridge, IL