Assignment Set Up

Correctly setting up assignments in Synergy

Step #1: Create a new assignment

You have two choice for how to create a "New" assignment.
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Step #2: Input basic information about the assignment.

Give your assignment a name, an assigned date, a due date, and a description if desired.

*Assignment Category should remain at "normal" unless it does not count towards the student's grade OR it's extra credit.

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Step #3 Assignment Information...the details!

For this section, you have to be careful:

1. Only choose an Assignment Type that you have "weighted" or the points will mean nothing/won't impact a student's grade.

2. Score Type is a personal choice. Letter Grade and Percentage only require a Points value. Raw Score requires max score and points (and you must input a value for both for the assignment to "work").

3. Max Score (how many points the assignment was out of) and Points (the exponential value of that assignment in that category-must be at least 1)is a personal choice/based on the assignment's worth and the weight the assignment should have on a student's grade.

*Rubric is only for those teachers/PLCs who have created rubrics in Synergy.

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Step #4: Add your assignment to other/specific classes

Click on Sections and choose which classes you would like to add this assignment to.

Note: Once you add an assignment to multiple sections, any time you edit said assignment, it will make the changes in all of those sections.

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Step #5: Choose the grading periods

*This step is CRUCIAL to final grade calculation.

1. Click on Grading Periods.

2. Check of EVERY grading period EXCEPT FINAL EXAM until it has passed. For example, as of this Saturday (2-13-16), you will no longer check 7th or 8th progress because those grading periods have passed.

Failure to do this will only make an assignment count for three weeks. Then, it will no longer calculate into the student's semester grade.

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Step #6: Save your assignment

Go to the top of the screen and save your assignment.
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Now, onto the next assignment!