Harriet Tubman

By Donovan Massey

Full title of the book.

Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad.

By Ann Petry


This book is about the whole life of Harriet Tubman. When she was a slave at the plantation. When she saved over 300 slaves lives from slavery. This books shows the pain and struggles of Harriet being a conductor of the underground rail road.


Harriet Tubman

Harriet is the main character in this story. Harriet is a slave who escapes and now she is free. Harriet tries to get all of the slaves out of Maryland who are related to her and she gets other slaves out too while doing this.

John Tubman

He was Harriet husband while she was in the south. Harriet escaped form slavery. He gets a new wife when she escape. Harriet thinks him that for rest of her life.

Old rit

Old rit is Harriet's mom. She is loud, so Harriet could not take her to the north until she was more quiet down when she was there. Harriet took her to the north and supports her while she is the north.

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Ben is Harriet"s father who doesn't tell lies to anyone. Ben helps Harriet at her old plantation. He help slaves get on the under ground railroad until Harriet get him out too.

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Harriet is born around 1821

Harriet Live in slave quarters her child hood.

Harriet gets sold out to two people.

Harriet grows up and marries John Tubman.

Harriet escapes and they break up.

Harriet goes back and forth from Canada to Maryland helping slaves escape.

Harriet starts speaking to people at antislavery meeting but ends helping slaves.

Harriet helps people until she dies.

Harriet dies on march 10th 1913.