Happy Holidays!

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. 12-17-15


1. Willy Ressel is doing a great job working with students in ISS and making sure their assignments are completed.

2. Great Holiday Assembly - Thank you Annie, Jordan, Nate, and Troy!

3. Brian DeClue - SPS Teacher of the Month!

In the News!

Jami Jansen voted outstanding Project Lead The Way teacher

Kickapoo High School teacher Jami Jansen was voted Outstanding Missouri Project Lead the Way Teacher. She was nominated and voted on by her peer teachers in the PLTW organization. The organization awarded her a mini iPad, plaque and poster.

Kickapoo Staff,

I want to take a moment to thank each of you for all that you do for our students, each other, and the whole Kickapoo community. You make so many great memories for 1,800 students each day. Thank you for choosing to be an educator and sharing your talents and passion with so many. You are having a tremendous impact on young people in shaping their futures.

I hope this holiday season is filled with great times with family and friends. Enjoy your winter break and have a Happy New Year!


Personalized Canvas Training Second Semester

The second semester is almost here, and we’ve been given the challenge to understand the basics of Canvas and have a working Canvas page before the 2016-17 academic year.

To help meet our goals we will be offering Canvas professional developments throughout the second semester. Once a month you will have an opportunity to learn four or five different Canvas skills.

We understand how busy your schedules are, so we are going to offer our PD in two different ways.

Initially, we will meet as a group during your conference period to complete the “one and done” tasks. From that point forward you will have two options to complete the modules.

Option 1: Continue to meet in the library classroom to work through the stations at your own pace. I (Shannon) will be there to assist you and answer any questions you might have as they come up.

Option 2: Each station will be in a Canvas course module and you’ll be able to go through the information wherever and whenever you choose.

Kickapoo High School - Canvas Levels of Implementation

Below are three levels of Canvas implementation for you to set a personal goal to obtain for the 16-17 school year. The minimum expectation is that all teachers will be at a Level 1 to start the year.

Level 1:

  • Create announcements
  • Customize their “Course” menu dropdown
  • Setup their notification preferences
  • Add events to their course calendar
  • Assign students to groups
  • Start discussions
  • Change their password

Level 2 (can perform all of the Level 1 tasks plus):

  • Create a new page
  • Create a hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor (RCE)
  • Move and organize files
  • Insert images into the RCE
  • Upload a video using the RCE
  • Link to a YouTube video
  • Create a survey
  • View survey results

Level 3 (can perform all of the Level 1 and Level 2 tasks plus):

  • Create assignments
  • Use Canvas Commons
  • Create a conference
  • Embed a Google Doc into the RCE
  • Use SpeedGrader
  • Record a video using the RCE

5 Skills employers want that you won't see in a job ad

Dr. Jungmann shared this article with principal's last week. It is a short article that points to some key skills that our students need to possess to be successful in their future. This short read points to some key skills that our students need to possess to make that happen. I truly believe the only way our students will access these skills is if we model them ourselves and work together to build them into our learning culture.



Student Engagement

Negative Indicators:

  • One student responds
  • Two or three students discuss content
  • Teacher asks students if they understand, and they answer with a simple yes or no; there is no probing.

Positive Indicators:

  • All students respond
  • All students discuss content in small groups
  • All students write a response in a journal or exit slip

Blended Learning - Great Interview with Michael Horn

In the next three years, what do you predict to be the key shifts in education and blended learning?

[MH] In terms of blended learning in schools, we’ll likely see a lot more rotation models pop up across the country in charter and district elementary schools. At the high school level, we’ll find more experimentation with the model. We’re beginning to find how blended learning can jump from the realm of credit and dropout recovery programs into the core curriculum more and more. There are spotlight schools doing this, but we need to think about how we spread this approach to different institutions.

Link to article