By: Alyssa Hix

Why did the Texans hate Reconstruction and carpetbaggers?

Texas didn't like carpetbaggers because they thought they couldn't. South thought the carpetbaggers (Northerners) were trying to ruin the South for their personal gain.

Texas hated Reconstruction because it put them and other Southern States except Tennessee under military rule. This act also divided all ten states into 5 military districts. Texas was combined with Louisiana and placed in the 5th district and put under the command of General Philip H. Sheridan.

Do I support Redeemers and Democrats??????????

I don't support the Redeemers and Democrats. The Democrats started to gain control over the Texans and also started to undo the actions of Davis. Davis refused to leave the office after he was defeated by Richard Coke ,claming the election was wrong. Even his supporters barricaded themselves in their offices. Later Coke took office and signaled the end of Reconstruction.

The Redeemers called a Constitution convention to re-write the Constitution. It would limit the power of the governor and let the legislator meet every other year. As a result, African Americans lost most of the social ground they had gained.