Bus Boycott


We are boycotting the buses to stand up for our rights. This is a peaceful protest to end segregation in buses. Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat to a white man and she was punished. It is just a seat it shouldn't matter. We are all human and we all should have the right to sit where we want on a bus. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King (picture at right) are working together to put this bus boycott together.

Other ways of getting around

We do not need a bus to get around. We all can work together on this. Give one another a ride to work and home. You can ride a bike if it's not so far. There is always walking too. Don't put this down if you think you don't have a ride to some place.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Tuesday, Dec. 5th 1995 at 7am

Montgomery, AL, United States

Montgomery, AL

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