A long walk to water

An amazing tale of real life hardships

Getting to know Linda

Linda Sue Park was born in Urbana, Illinois on March 25, 1960.

She lived in Chicago in her childhood.

Linda was a ver gifted writer even as a young child. She would started writing at age four. One of her most famous books is "a long walk to water".

The book "a long walk to water"

This book is a pull on the heart strings. It features stories about young children fighting to stay alive in the harsh reality of the fighting in Sudan. Salva (the young boy) is without a family and traveling to stay alive. "The tears hot in salvas eyes. Where had everyone gone? Why did they leave without waking him?" (Park) shows a major turning point when the group left Salva all alone.

It's also goes along with a story in a different time. A story of a little village girl name Nya.

She loves in a camp with her mom, brother and sister where she trudges through thick sludge to twice a day to retrieve water for her family. Getting water was part of her everyday routine and she would take her younger sister along to learn at times. As illustrated in "this was Nya's daily routine 7 months out of the year" (park) it is shown that she has to proved water for her family with daily struggles to get to the pond.

Why read her books?

Her book are fascinating novels that leave you wanting more.

You won't be disappointed.

Why don't you swing by your local book store and start reading!

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