Ukkusiksalik National Park

Haley Hallengren 6-1

Located in Nunavut, Canada

Physical Features

Pronounced oo-koo-sik-sa-lik, Ukkusiksalik was established in 2003. It is named after soapstone. It is located directly south of the community of Repulse Bay and the Artic Circle. The park also circles Wager Bay. Ukkusiksalik is the traditional homeland for Inuit people who live in the area. The park's physical features include of mudflats, cliffs, rolling tundra hills, and unique costal regions.


Ukkusiksalik is home to many animals including polar bears, muskox, and the artic hare. The park is home to many polar bears, because they are going extinct in the artic. If you go to this park, there will most likely be a well experienced polar bear guide with your group.


Ukkusiksalik protects different plants such as Mountain Avens, Lapland Roses, and Labrador Teas.

Tourist Attractions

Many people come to Ukkusiksalik to hike in the rolling hills around Wager Bay. The wild life and different cultural sites are located around the park. You can also boat around Wager Bay. This is the safest way to look at polar bears and other marine wildlife. You shouldn't kayak though, because of risky encounters with polar bears. You may also encounter traditional Inuit use. The Inuit people have living ties to the land. It is not unusual to see Inuit families camping in the park practicing their traditional harvesting activities.


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