Adidas Adizero 99g Cleats


The boot itself

the boot is made out of a silicon like sturcture with 1mm nylon , and reinforced by a semi-rigid skeleton. the boot is the lightest of its kind weighing out of 99 grams. Are your cleats feeling heavy to you. Are You not running the fastest you think you can be then Get these limited edition cleats for $300!

Go To Adidas Right Now!!!

If you didn't like the cleat there are many more cleats for you to try out. My suggestion is to go to Adidas, Nike, or Puma. And if you cant find the cleats that you want you can go to the online store and find it there.

locations for Outlets or stores

there are stores and outlets everywhere for cleats. I would go to The Jersey Garden Mall because they have all three stores there.

Dont get tricked

Dont get tricked by false advertisement. You buy these shoes from me they'll be in mint condition. I bet you you buy these shoes anywhere else like amaz0n on eb@y they will give you the worst quality ever.