The American Revolution

By: Josh Alaniz

The Boston Tea Party

Hello my name is Samuel Adams. I was a patriot in the Boston Tea Party. I spent a great deal of time and effort promoting the opposition to the British Tea act in 1773 which became the Boston Tea Party. On November 3, 1773 I published a article for the town of Boston. In it call that Americans to oppose this tax on the tea and not pay for the tea like that. In 1773 I held a meeting, 5,000 gathered. He did that because of the tax on the tea. What I really did was just start town meeting about things, and that is what I did.

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

well the Boston Massacre was just a mob of people which means a lot of people and they were fighting and there was gun shots. The Boston Tea party was just the the King of great Britain raised taxes for tea. Finally taxation was just that the King of Great Britain raised taxes which were goods only for the Colonists living Great Britain. That is the summarizing of the Declaration of Independence.