This Week in Fourth Grade

May 4-8

SBAC Testing

Last week, I proctored the SBAC tests at the Suncoast Casino and was able to meet a few of you for the first time! This week, we do not have anyone testing from our class. Remember, the week you test, you MUST attend the SBAC Classroom Activity Class Connect session. This class will be offered at two different times and is required, as you will need the information provided to complete the performance task portions of your SBAC test.

Testing May 12-14:
Rosa F.
Zoe G.

May Live Sync Calendar

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Final Exams

The year is winding down and it is almost time to take your final exams! FInal exams will be taken May 26-29. You will still complete the exams even if you are not finished with your curriculum. There will be multiple review Class Connect sessions the week of June 1-4, if you do not master any of your exams.

April Checkpoint

You can still submit your April Checkpoint! Remember that these checkpoint assignments are worth 10% of your final grade! Those of you who have completed your April Checkpoint already, will receive your grades with feedback this week.

Face to Face Tutoring

I will be at the NVVA offices May 15, 22, and 29 for Face to Face tutoring from 12-4 p.m. Send me a kmail if you would like to meet me at the offices for extra review or help getting caught up in your OLS. I will be in meetings all day this Friday, May 8th, however if you would like to meet online in a Class Connect session for extra help, let me know.

Contacting Me

You can contact me by sending me a kmail or calling me at 702-407-1825 ext. 7209.