Beer's Lab

Sydney Winter

Background Information

Anesthesia is a drug that can relieve pain or cause a person to fall unconscious. Anesthesia can fall under three overall types; general, regional, and local anesthesia. General anesthesia is the kind of anesthesia that you would use during surgery, regional anesthesia is the kind of anesthesia that would be used for an epidural and local anesthesia is the kind of anesthesia that is used to numb pain or at the dentist. One kind of local anesthesia is laughing gas or nitrous oxide.

Lab Set Up

Start by making 6 different concentrations of the water and green water. Say you are making the 10% solution, you will take 1 part green water to 9 parts water and you will get 10% solution. Once you make the concentrations you will plug the colorimeter into the computer and fill the cuvette with water and calibrate the colorimeter. You will then take the 10% solution and put it in the cuvette and put it in the colorimeter. Then you will push the collect button on the computer and then push keep. Then it will ask you for the percent concentration and you put the percent in the blank. You will do this with all of the concentrations. After you do this with all of the concentrations you will put a line of best fit in the graph. You will then test the mystery concentration and you will determined if the women will live, die or wake up.

Scientific Explanation

When we tested the mystery solution we found out that the solution was 82%. Because the percent solution was higher than 40% we can determined that Aunt Elda died from a too strong of anesthesia. When you are giving anesthesia it put you to sleep if you are given too much you die.