John Adams

How did he become vice president of the united states?

Birth/Death info

John Adams was born October 30,1735 and died July 4,1826.

Childhood and Family

John was named after his father. His father was also the the times the towns tax collector, selectman, constable and lieutenant of the militia. His father was his role model in life, his father passed away in the flu epidemic of 1761. Johns mother Susanna Boylston Adams was known for a fiery temper, and remarried in 1766 to Lt. John Hall. John didn't get along with his stepfather. His mom died in 1797 while John was serving first year as president. John had two younger brothers Peter and Elihu. Adams is second cousin of Samual Adams and third cousin to future wife Abigail Smith.


At age 16 Adams earned a scholarship to attend Harvard University. After graduating in 1755 at age 20 Adams studied law in the office. In 1758 he earned a masters degree from Harvard and was admitted to the bar.

Important Life Events

Designs the three branches of american government. Writes the plan of treaties for an alliance with European nations. Adams signs the declaration of independence. Adams appointed minister to Great Britain. Washington elected president and Adams elected vice president of the United States.


Becoming the first vice president of the U.S. and becoming the second president of the U.S. Establishing many basic ideas and principles that made up the U.S constitution. Defense of the British soldiers involved in the Boston massacre of 1770. Quick suppression of the Fries Rebellion among the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Contributions To Change

Adams elite republicanism stood in stark contrast to the more Jeffersonian democracy. Adams has been justifiably censured for having signed the alien and sedition acts. Adams legacy is one of the greatest moral leadership, the rule of law, compassion, and cautious. An active foreign policy that aimed both at securing the national interest and achieving an honorable peace.