Mr. Weber

Clear Creek's P.E. Teacher

By: Andrew Crane

Do you like P.E.? Well, I do! Gary Weber, (A.K.A. Mr. Weber) is my P.E. teacher. He works at Clear Creek Elementary. If you don’t know a lot about Mr.Weber, here’s your chance to find out.

Mr.Weber, believe it or not, grew up in Buffalo, New York! He was born on May 17th. When he was a kid he loved playing outside with his friends. When Mr.Weber was younger he didn’t want to be a teacher.

Mr. Weber went to NewFane, New York for high school. When he graduated, he came all the way up here to Iowa to go to Upper Iowa University.

Mr. Weber used to teach at the high school. After a few years teaching at the high school, he got moved to teaching at Clear Creek. During the summer of the year he was going to start teaching at Clear Creek, Mr. Weber thought he wasn’t going to like teaching at Clear Creek. But as his first year kicked off, he started to like teaching at Clear Creek. He has been teaching there since.

Mr. Weber taught everyone who goes to Clear Creek, “You can do anything you want to do in life.” He also taught us that, “Running is good for your heart.”

Mr. Weber has been teaching for 30 years and he is an awesome P.E. teacher! What do you think?
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