May 6, 2016


It's hard to believe that we have less than 30 school days left this year. Summer is heading our way! Here are some happenings in Room 20.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are winding the year down with the concept of conflict. Our big idea is "Conflict and its resolution shapes individuals and groups." So far we have experienced what it is like to have rules and taxes thrust upon us without a say in the matter (taxation without representation). Today the students in room 20 become colonists under the rule of Queen Robin. They have affiliated themselves with either the loyalists or the patriots. They will be experiencing, first hand, what it might be like to live under the control of a monarchy. Tomorrow (Friday) the loyalists and the patriots will have a debate. Each student will participate in the debate. The goal is to persuade the opposition to join their party. Students have read chapter 11 in History Alive and have written a persuasive essay. These have been sent home for them to share with parents. They also have a rubric to help them prepare for the debate which will be held on Friday.

READING: We are so excited about exploring the fantasy world of C. S. Lewis. Students are enjoying The Magician's Nephew as a read aloud and each have their own book from the Chronicles of Narnia series to read in a book club. We will have a fun and meaningful culminating project along with a celebration in June. Students are inquiring into the genre of fantasy, determining themes, imagery, and enjoying the beauty of a good story.

WRITING: We are working on two genres of writing over the next few weeks. We will be writing persuasive/opinion papers and creating a fantasy story. This is going to be fun!!

MATH: Currently students are working on chapter 9 in Math in Focus. This chapter is all about using arithmetic with decimals. Particularly multiplication and division. Don't forget that your child can log into Math in Focus and has access to the hard cover book as well as the workbook. Look for math papers coming home on Fridays or earlier if students have not completed work or want to work ahead.

SPELLING: Students are choosing spelling words from their reading vocabulary over the next two weeks. Tests will be on Mondays.


Spring has sprung! With the lovely weather come the annoying bugs... Schools frequently have outbreaks of lice in the spring. Please talk to your students about prevention.

REMINDERS to students include:

NO head to head contact

NO sharing of combs, coats, hats, brushes, etc.

Do NOT share a pillow with another students, either here in school, at home, or at sleepovers.

Keep long hair in ponytails and/or braids

Use hairspray or hair gel

Spritz hair with Tea Tree Oil

Coats or spring jackets/sweatshirts can be put inside their backpacks while in school

Sit on coat/jacket during lunch

It is important to remember that while lice is certainly unpleasant and a real pain to get rid of, those little buggers are indiscriminate. They will take any head they can get access to. Help your children understand that it is not a social stigma to have lice. It can happen to anybody! Here is one source that I have found helpful.


Our relay for life event is coming up soon (June 4th from 11 am to 11 pm!) We have much to do to prepare for the event and raise funds. The students have created committee chairpersons to help us over the next few weeks. Please consider joining a committee to assist the students in their efforts.

Relay Committees: These committees are responsible for organizing their portion of the event. Read below for further information.

  • Onsite Fundraising: This committee will come up with ideas to raise funds during the event. This might include selling pre-packaged snacks or baked goods, contests, crafts, or other items. Chairpeople: Sophia Hense and Ryland Fairbanks
  • Team Snacks for the Event: This group will organize the donation of water and snacks to feed the team members participating in the event. Chairperson: Madison LaRowe
  • Camp site decorations: This group will design our camp site to display our Lilo and Stitch theme of Ohana. Chairperson: Sonia Arnst
  • Lap Organizers: This group will ensure that team members are signed up for the various laps throughout the event. The group will also gather supplies for special themed laps. Chairperson: Keegan Weddle
  • Set-up and Clean-Up Crew: This group will organize people to set up the camp site at the beginning of the event and then clean up the camp site at the end of the event. Chairpeople: Nathan Katic and Patrick Hamilton
  • Luminaries: This group will procure the materials for luminaries and organize the sale of luminaries. We thought the luminaries could be sold at school, students can decorate them and fill out a sticker to dedicate the luminaries in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Chairpeople: Tori Guile and Evelyn Krusniak
  • T-Shirts: We have some designs submitted for T-Shirts. We need a group to organize the ordering and sale of them. Chairperson: John Sage

Our next Relay for life meeting is on May 12 at 6 pm at Creative Foam. Any team members are welcome to attend. I would like to have a meeting with parents interested in joining our teams prior to this meeting. We will meet at 5:00 here in room 20 at State Road Elementary. Please come and bring ideas!