Trip to Mars

Have an Adventure

5 Stars resort

With a simple payment plan of 3,000,000Rp a day you can stay at this wonderful resort.
The bonus package is available for the cheap price of 4,000,000Rp which includes complimentary Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a live show each night. This incredible resort has been rated as the best resort on mars. So come and stay today.

Flights and travel insurance not included.


The A class disco/club scene on mars is heavily influenced by 80s disco as it takes so long to get there, your going back in time. Clubbing with martians includes drinks, music and good company from human and martians alike.

Being on mars the gravity is 1/3 of what it is on earth, therefor you can feel the true space experience without floating away. These classes will enable you to experience what it is like with low gravity until you are confident enough to walk on mars's surface. This is also a good idea to entertain children.

For extra entertainment there is live concerts every night, including the likes of Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, Rolf Harris and the wiggles just to name a few. This amazing experience is low in expenses and a great night for the whole family.