IPads in the Classroom

Math That Moves: Schools Embrace the iPad

The New York Times speaks about Roslyn Heights integrating the iPad into classrooms. In this article you'll find people from Roslyn Heights giving pros and cons about using the iPad in the classroom. Students say it lightens their load because it weighs much less than traditional books. An english teacher comments that he uses an app that has all of Shakespeares plays on it. Click on the link and find out more

iPad in Chicago Schools

Teachers speak out about how the iPad has helped their students to learn letters and spelling.

Zeeland schools integrate 1,800 iPads

In USA Today Tech, students comment on what they use their iPads for. Some teachers have even eliminated paper from the classroom! Click here to read the full article and to find out who's watching this program.

iPads In The Classroom
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iPad's or Students?

On edudemic.com, the thought is brought up that iPads have become the center of classrooms instead of students. Should we be centering instruction around our tablets or our students? Check it out!

iPads in the Classroom

Pros and Cons of iPads in the Classroom

Take a look at this list of pros and cons for using iPads in the classroom. The range from the iPad being meant for personal device which discourages sharing to raving about the amazing number of apps. Thanks teacherswithapps.com

How to Use iPads in the Classroom

50 Helpful iPad Tips

If you have an iPad or are just trying one out, check out this list of 50 helpful tips. You will learn how to make files, take screen shots, utilize multitasking gestures and more!

Learn About Teaching With the iPad from Apple

On the apple website, you can learn more about utilizing the tablet in the classroom. It's always a good idea to get information from the source when you can. Apple will show you the top trending education apps and so much more.

A Newly Qualified Teacher's View on Education

This teacher goes over his experience using iPads in the classroom. He used them while teaching ELL students. To learn more his experience read his blog posting.

62 Ideas For Using The iPad In The Classroom [Presentation]

Check out this amazing slide show on ways to use iPad in your classroom. iPads are a growing trend in education and this slide show gives a bunch of easy ways to incorporate it in small or large amounts.

What to do with all my iPads in the Classroom.

Another great slide show with 55 slides showing new iPad users ways to use the ipad in the classroom. If you're feeling overwhelmed with your new iPad cart definitely check out this awesome slide show.

If You're not Quite Convinced...

If all theses articles and videos haven't convinced you, here's one last place where you can read the studies that say iPads can improve education.

8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education