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December 18, 2015

Happy Friday!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all a MERRY Christmas and a HAPPY new year! Check out the highlights from those who participated in the hour of code in our district and at Region VII. In addition, I have been sneaking photos and video of teachers using technology in their classroom. Keep up the excellent work of integrating technology into your lessons. You all are awesome!

~ Mrs. Robinson, Ed.S.

Region VII Day of Code Was So Exciting!

Mrs. Stacey Cole, the District Instructional Media Specialist, along with Mr. B.J. Wood took 10 students to Region VII where they had an awesome experience being emerged in different technologies that allowed them to work in teams and build on one another's strengths and weaknesses.

Mona Effler and Her Kiddos Coded Too!

Mrs. Effler allowed her students to Skype out to her daughter who has experience in the field of coding. She allowed students to do the Hour of Code and they will continue to work on it throughout the school year. Way to go Mrs. Effler and students!
Region VII Day of Code

Natalie Johnson's Students CODE TOO!

I was able to visit this class during one session of their hour of code. Mrs. Johnson really got in there and challenged them. She, as do I, believe coding should be taught like other major subjects. This is the world our students will be living in and having to compete in as well. Great job Mrs. Johnson and students!
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A big THANK YOU for those who participated in the Hour of Code challenge!

Mrs. Jade McCrary, Mrs. Suellen Pfeffer, Karen Sells, and Sherri Ware also participated at KMS. They allowed all of their students to participate, which was the entire 8th grade!!! You all are much appreciated for stepping outside of the box and giving your students an experience that may lead them into a career of coding or beyond!

Shout Out to Mr. John Heffner

Mr. Heffner is the Pre-calculus teacher at KHS and he is AWESOME! Not only is he a math guru, but he has stepped outside of his not so comfortable zone to integrate the online resources for his students' textbook to create a more engaging opportunity for them to learn and for him to offer them different avenues to study outside of the classroom, as well as for him to gauge who may need additional help on specific concepts in a more efficient manner. WAY TO GO MR. HEFFNER!!!
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GoNoodle! Go!

Students at Chandler Elementary are getting their jam on using GoNoodle! Their teacher understands the importance of giving students BRAIN BREAKS!
GoNoodle Go!


Students at Chandler Elementary are working in teams and using Kahoot to determine who knows the most Christmas movies. So much fun!
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Tweet it and tag me @techkilgore. When you are doing something you want us to know about and we may not be able to get out to your classroom, please tweet it and tag me! We want the world to know about our great students, teachers, and schools!

Always make sure you have a signed form (from parent/guardian) on file when taking and displaying students' faces on the Web.

What instructional technology question do you have for me?

Please let me know if I can assist you with any form of technology integration for your classroom and students.

Lana Robinson, Ed.S., Instructional Technology Coordinator

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”

- Dr. Maya Angelou