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December Edition

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The BHS Library staff wishes everyone a well deserved, relaxing break! Happy Holidays!

December Shout Outs!

Thank you to Mr. Jankowski, Mrs. Carvalho, Mrs. Teed, Mr. Mishriky, Mrs. Adler, Mr. Turgeon, and Ms. Scott for coming to visit us this month. The library hosted a variety of events in December. Mrs. Teed invited poet Ameen Storm Abo-Hamzy to speak with her students. Mr. Mishriky's students worked hard researching and writing their History Day projects and getting ready for the BHS Caucus. Mrs. Adler had Mrs. Sue Rose and Mr. Bryan Cassidy come speak about cyber security to her personal finance students. And finally, Ms. Scott hosted her annual cookie tasting in the library.

We would love to see more of you and help you host or plan your next event!

Library Trivia

The first 5 people to correctly answer this question will get a little prize! Email me your guesses

What book is most often stolen from public libraries?

Copyright and You

Copyright is a controversial subject, especially when it comes to schools and the digital age. Every month I will include some guidelines to help you navigate through these muddy waters. Just because we're in a school, doesn't mean we're protected. The Edublogger has a great article that spells out what you can and can't do as an educator when it comes to copyright. I highly recommend you check it out. And as always, if you have any questions, please let me know!

Technology Spotlight

As many of you know we updated our library website. On each page I added Symbaloos. Symbaloo is a great way to gather all your resources in one place in an organized fashion. Below you can see our Web 2.0 Tools. These tools can be used by staff or students to create interactive lessons or presentations- going beyond the Power Point.

If you would like a quick tutorial on how to use any of them, please let me know!

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