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4th Grade MOSAIC

Eden Prairie Science Fair Information

10th Annual K-12 Science Fair — Save the date! The Science Fair will be held on Saturday, January 10, 2015. This Community Education run event involves over 200 students and hundreds of volunteers each year. Sign up to volunteer today! More information about the Science Fair is on our website at

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Be sure that your child is working on their Discovery Quest-due the week of 12/15

Check out the vocabulary site...Free Rice...

EPCGT Meeting

November EPCGT Meeting - NUMATS (ACT/SAT testing)

Speaker: Melissa Damon, Eden Prairie's Middle School Gifted Coordinator

Topic: NUMATS and preparing your 7th / 8th grader for taking the ACT or SAT.

Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search, or NUMATS, has operated since 1981 to help academically talented students to realize their potential. Eligible students take the ACT (grades 6-9), SAT (grades 6-8) or EXPLORE (grades 3-6) test through NUMATS and receive scoring information that helps them to interpret the results relative to their age (rather than just in comparison to high school juniors and seniors for the ACT/SAT).

In Eden Prairie and other schools, students with high standardized test scores in selected areas (i.e., MCA exams) receive a letter inviting them to take the ACT or SAT. They may pay an additional test fee to take the test through the Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search and to have their scores compared with other Midwest students.

The NUMATS students who score in the top 5% or higher may qualify for awards and/or be invited to participate in many enrichment and curricular programs.

When-Nov. 24 6:30 pm - 8 pm

Where-Eden Prairie Library - Eden Prairie Meeting Room

Word of the Day Coming in December

Your child brought home information today about "Word of the Day." They were given a date to present a "tier 2" word to the class. They will need to prepare 3 different pieces of work to teach their word to the class. They are welcome to seek approval from me about their word choice before they begin their projects.

Tier two consists of high frequency words that occur across a variety of domains. That is, these words occur often in mature language situations such as adult conversations and literature, and therefore strongly influence speaking and reading. Following is a list of standards for tier two words:

  • Important for reading comprehension
  • •Characteristic of mature language users
  • Contain multiple meanings
  • Increased descriptive vocabulary (words that allow students to describe concepts in a detailed manner)
  • Used across a variety of environments (generalization)

Tier two words are the most important words for direct instruction because they are good indicators of a student’s progress through school.

Examples of tier two words are: masterpiece, fortunate, industrious, measure, incomprehensible, and benevolent