Hitler's Secret

By William Osborne

James Morningstar

Historical References

The first reference is to London, Britain, where Winston Churchill's HQ is located. Another one would be in Munich, a main town in Germany. Finally, there is a reference to being on the borders of Switzerland, in the mountains.

Main Characters

The main characters in this story are Otto, a teenage British agent, Leni, another teenage British agent and Angelika,----- Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!----- .

My Opinion of the Book

My opinion of the book would be that it is very action-packed, and really adventurous! I think it would be a really good book to read if you like action, suspense, and WW2 (ish).


The main setting of this book is in Germany, where Leni and Otto have been sent on their secret mission. They start out in Britain, and get picked up in Britain in the end of their mission.

Problem and Solution

The problem in this book is that Otto and Leni are trying to "capture" Angelika and bring her back to London and the Prime Minister. The only thing is that all of Hitler's best troops are trying to stop them! I can't tell you the solution, because it would give the story away.

Try out this book sometime!