Granger Weekly Newsletter

What's Up This Week?

Save Fred the Worm

Courtesy of Mrs. Meng and Pintrest, Fred the Worm was saved last week! Pictures below!

September Birthdays

Jaclyn Meng - September 8

Maggie Smith - September 16

Lara Barbiaux - September 26

Please advise if I left anyone off the September birthday list!

Cool Idea from Mrs. Terry

This is cool. It is a little dashboard that stays on your desktop and you can launch any regular google app from it without having to go to a browser. There are all kinds of cool apps you can add to it in the store. I found a timer that counts down (ie 5 minute warm up) that will sound at the end of time and be shown on the overhead.

You can customize it to house only the apps that you regularly use.

I really like it! The link above will show you how to turn it on and fill it up.