Fall Cub Connection 2021

Red Lion Remote Learning

Red Lion Area School District Title I

Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides financial assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. Schools are identified as Title I based upon their school's percentage of students who are eligible for free and reduced lunches. Once a school is identified as Title I by proving economic need (a high percentage of students eligible for free and reduced lunches), the educational needs of each child in the school building are then examined, regardless of the child's free/reduced lunch status.

The Red Lion Area School District Title I Program is a school-wide assistance program in which all students in grades K through 6 who are enrolled in a Title I building may receive Title I services. These services are provided to address students' needs in the area of English Language Arts. Students are eligible to receive supplemental instructional services and activities which support these students identified as failing or most at risk of failing the state’s challenging performance standards in the areas of reading and writing.

All of our elementary schools are approved as Title I schools for the 2021-22 school year, except for Locust Grove Elementary. If you have a specific question regarding a school's Title I program, please contact the building principal or reading specialist at any of our schools.

The Red Lion Area School District Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy & School-Home Compacts for 2021-22 will be posted in September on the home webpage of our Title I buildings. These documents encourage parents to be actively involved in their child's education.

Parent Right to Know Information as Required by The Elementary and Secondary Education Assistance (ESEA) [Section 1112(e)(1)(A)] and the Every Student Succeeds Act [Section 1112(e)(1)(A)]

Throughout the school year, we will be providing you with important information about this law and your child’s education. This notice lets you know about your right to request information about the qualifications of the classroom staff working with your child. At our school, we are very proud of our teachers and feel they are ready for the coming school year and are prepared to give your child a high-quality education. As Title I schools, we must meet federal regulations related to teacher qualifications as defined in ESEA. These regulations allow you to learn more about your child’s teachers’ training and credentials. We are happy to provide this information to you. At any time, you may ask:

  • Whether the teacher met state qualifications and certification requirements for the grade level and subject he/she is teaching,
  • Whether the teacher received an emergency or conditional certificate through which state qualifications were waived, and
  • What undergraduate or graduate degrees the teacher holds, including graduate certificates and additional degrees, and major(s) or area(s) of concentration.

You may also ask whether your child receives help from a paraprofessional. If your child receives this assistance, we can provide you with information about the paraprofessional’s qualifications.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which was signed into law in December 2015 and reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1956 (ESEA) includes additional right to know requests. At any time, parents and family members can request:

Information on policies regarding student participation in assessments and procedures for opting out, and

Information on required assessments that include

  • subject matter tested,
  • purpose of the test,
  • source of the requirement (if applicable),
  • amount of time it takes students to complete the test, and
  • time and format of disseminating results.

Our staff is committed to helping your child develop the academic knowledge and critical thinking he/she needs to succeed in school and beyond. That commitment includes making sure that all of our teachers and paraprofessionals meet applicable Pennsylvania state requirements. If you have any questions about your child’s assignment to a teacher or paraprofessional, please contact the building principal.

FYI - Transportation News

Transportation for the 2021/2022 school year

There are times when we are asked if a new stop can be made. This type of request may take a minimum of two weeks to coordinate and process the information (weather permitting). Such requests would require us to go out and look at a house location to make a better determination if the request can or cannot be done. We ask if you would help us locate you easier, by ensuring your address is clearly posted, and no less than 3 inches tall and visible from both directions and not obstructed from trees, shrubs etc.

Please remind your student(s) of proper bus stop behavior by standing at the stop, and not playing games or horsing around and not going onto or disturbing someone else’s property Also, please remind your student(s) there are several bus rules and one of them are that there is NO food nor drink permitted on the school bus. There is the potential for another student to have an allergic reaction to that item. The newest rule that MUST be followed is to wear your face covering at all times while on the bus and to stay in the seat that has been assigned to you.

Inclement Weather: The new notifications system will follow the districts guidelines that are sent out via Skyward and will also be updated via the districts web page at www.rlasd.net; Twitter: @rlschools and Facebook: Red Lion Area School District. Please ensure your contact information is updated in Skyward.

Calendar of Events

9/13 - Remote Learning Fall Picture Day 9:30 - 12:00

9/16 - School Board Meeting @ 7PM @ Ed Center or via zoom

10/1 - Red Lion Spirit Night - Horn Field

10/7 - Spirit Day - Favorite Character Shirt Day

10/11 - Act 80 Day - No School for Students

10/21 - Red Lion Pride Day - Wear black & gold

10/26 - 2 Hour Delay/Modified Kindergarten

10/26 - End of First Marking Period

11/2 - Parent Teacher Conferences - 8AM - 12PM - No School for Students

11/3 - Parent Teacher Conferences - 8AM - 8PM - No School for Students

11/4 - Spirit Day - Plaid Tidings!

11/18 - Spirit Day - Thankful Thursday

11/18 - Parent Teacher Evening Conferences - 5PM - 8PM

11/24 - 11/29 - HOLIDAY - No School for Students

Red Lion Remote Learning - Windsor Manor Elementary

Abby Gold, Principal golda@rlasd.net

Traci Riddle, Secretary riddlet@rlasd.net

Fax # 223-200-3023