Sweet Woman In Maycomb

By Frankie , David , Jermiah #Baptist #Widow

Ms.Maudie Opnions Of The Kids

Ms. Maudie Is Important in the story because of her role with the kids . The kids trust her and believe that her house can be a safe heven where they can go and be treated with respect . [ In the story it states "she called us by all our names".] "she had her never told on us , had never played cat and mouse with us , she was not at all interested in our personal lifes , she was our friend."

Ms.Maudie Opnion About the Radleys

Miss Maudie opinion the radleys is that he is extremely religious. "you know old Mr.radley was a foot washing baptist." She is saying that he is religious by being a baptist that takes it to a whole new level .