Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah

School Information

  • Located in Provo, Utah
  • Majors include:
    • English Language and Literature

    • Communications

    • Journalism

    • Liberal Arts and Sciences

    • General Studies and Humanities
  • The total tuition for four years of school is $54,240

  • Acceptance averages are:

    • GPA 3.8 or above

    • ACT: 28.95

    • SAT: 1240-1310

    • Endorsement by ecclesiastical leaders

    • Seminary attendance, service hours, leadership experience, personal essays, AP/IB classes, participation in extracurricular activities

  • Recommended high school classes are:

    • 4 years of math

    • 4 years of English

    • 2-3 years of science

    • 2 years of history and government

    • 2+ years of foreign language

  • The acceptance rate is 47%

  • The average enrollment per semester is 6,995 students

  • The student to teacher ratio is 18:1

Home of the Cougars

Location Information

  • Fun Things To Do:

    • Hiking

    • Theatre and Art

    • Museums

    • Concerts

    • Skiing and Snowboarding

    • Sporting Events

  • Weather:

    • 20 inches of rain per year

    • 37 inches of snow per year

    • 222 sunny days per year

  • Geography:

    • Mountains

    • Desert

    • Landlocked with lakes

Paying for College

  • I plan to pay for college by the money in my college fund, scholarships, and by working.

  • The deadline for the FAFSA form is October 1 2017- June 30 2019

  • My GPA is a 3.87-4.0

  • I plan to apply for many local scholarships as well as the Monson Presidential Scholarship offered by BYU

Achieving Post High School Goals

  • My goals during my next few years of high school include getting high grades in all of my classes including AP classes, performing well on AP tests, performing well on the SAT and the ACT, and continuing to participate in orchestra, tennis, and Scroll newspaper.

  • Classes I will take to achieve these goals include String Orchestra, Journalism II, Advanced American Lit, APUSH, AP Biology, AP Government, AP English, AP Statistics, and AP European History.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • I have been involved in many service projects through school, the community, and my church. I have been involved with numerous service projects such as helping at the LDS pear farm, and Serve Grants Pass Day. My favorite service project I have been involved in was this past December, where I collected toys for an orphanage in Panama. I was then able to go to Panama City and deliver those toys to the children.

  • This can help in my future career because it taught me how to effectively communicate with others to finish various tasks, as well as help others despite of a language barrier.

Brigham Young University

BYU is a private research university located in Provo, Utah, United States. It is owned and operated by LDS Church, and is the largest of any religious university and the third largest private university in the United States.