Chemistry Of Life

Anthony Lugo & Kyle Knowlton

Water & Its Characteristics

  • Cohesion: Water is attracted to water
  • Adhesion: Water is attracted to other substances
  • Water has a partial negative charge near the oxygen atom because of the unshared electrons and positive charges near the hydrogen atoms.
  • H2O Looks like mickey mouse ears
  • water cools down body temperture


  • Enzymes breaks down food for energy
  • fully biodegradable.
  • Enzymes are large molecules With hundreds of amino acids.


  • A molecule containing a very large number of atoms.
  • Protein and nucleic acids are examples of Macromolecules.
  • DNA, RNA, ATP are example of nucleic acids.
  • The 4 mains are lipids, protiens, carbohydrates, & nucleic acids