2F News

March 21, 2016


We have just completed a math unit covering american coins. This unit asked students to identify and know the value of a penny, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar. Students are also required to know how to keep a running total of groups of coins, and to add and subtract coins. For an assessment, students were asked to choose a way to show what they know about coins. They chose based on personal preference, made a rough draft, made sure they included the required elements:

  • the value of coins
  • 2 addition and 3 subtraction questions
  • neatness

Students brought home their project yesterday. Their homework this week is to show you, explain to you, or teach you about their math project.

Our next math unit teaches students to tell time, determine the difference between am and pm and to understand how a calendar works.

Reading and Writing

Students are looking at many non-fiction texts, learning about the many features and how they can be used in a text and how they can also write non-fiction texts. Our writing unit is currently Expert Books - students choose a subject that they know a lot about, determine an appropriate format and which non-fiction text features could be used.

Social Studies and Science

We are wrapping up a few details for our study of Ancient Egypt and Ancient China this week. Our next unit will be a 4-week study of weather and seasons.